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Mission Statement

The traditions of culture and heritage in the Greek Orthodox Mission of South Orange County include Greek Dance. Our youth ages 6 – 18 experience their unique heritage through the beauty of learning customs and dances passed down from various villages on the Mainland of Greece and the spectacular movements of the many islands that bring their own special element and excitement to numerous dances.

The Greek Orthodox Folk Dance and Choral Festival held every year in February unites the many communities of Greeks nationwide into a forum of fellowship and competition. Our youth is proud to participate in this fascinating festival year after year. We as a community of parents, instructors and volunteers spend countless hours preparing for the festival. The children also spend countless hours perfecting their skills and learning about the region of Greece that their particular group is representing.

We hope that through dance we can express the true meaning of the Greek Culture and instill values in our youth that will be with them for a life time.

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